Laravel Human Resource Management System


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Live Demo Logins / Username & Passwords are on the description section below

Live Demo Preview

Product Description

Laravel Human Resource Management System or Larahrm is a portal for employees of office firms for managing documents, events, announcements, and a lot more.

Demo Logins

Password: password


Username 1:
Username 2:
Username 2:
Username 2:
Username 2:
Password: password

*Can also create roles with custom permissions or access level.


– Accounts Management
– Attendance Management
– Awards Management
– Designations Management
– Departments Management
– Job Titles Management
– Documents Management
– Events Management
– Expenses Management
– Leaves Management
– Notice Board Management
– Recruitment
– Applicants Management
– Vacancies Management
– Dynamic Settings
– Applicants Status
– Expenses Status
– Leaves Status
– Document Types
– Leave Types

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